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Resistance war: the Battle of Britain

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During the summer of 1940, Hitler had become master of Europe from the North Cape to the Pyrenees. Only the United Kingdom continued the fight the Axis powers: the new Prime Minister (since May 10, 1940), Winston Churchill successor Chamberlin refused attempts at negotiation Germany.


London became the center of Western resistance, where refugees are a large part of free governments of Europe. Among them was General Charles de Gaulle (50 years) who fled France on June 17 and started the next day on the air a message of hope and struggle.


Particularly effective networks

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Very soon launch a top-secret organization Churchill , SOE , Special Operations Service (SOI English) , based in Baker Street. The purpose of the EOC is to organize, in the occupied territories , the fight against the Germans , using the methods of guerrilla warfare already proven elsewhere , Spain and Palestine. Hundreds of agents , bilingual and trained covert action , will be sent throughout France . Between 1941 and 1944 , England and France with ensures the air and sea links , transport and secret agents of the Free French mission to de Gaulle, but also the exchange of messages with illegal radio . This is a huge logistics is introduced. Networks , organized and armed by SOE agents are very effective in four regions: the Nord-Pas -de- Calais , Franche -Comté , Aquitaine and Provence. Their actions secret , there is little trace.



The call of the 18th June 1940

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The call of June 18th is the first speech given by General de Gaulle to London radio broadcast on the BBC, June 18, 1940. This is a call to arms in which he called not stop the fight against Nazi Germany and he predicted globalization of war. This speech, heard very little at the moment, is published in the French press the next day and is broadcast by foreign radio stations. I is considered the founder of the French Resistance text, it remains the symbol of resistance.


De Gaulle arrives in London June 17th 1940 in order to negotiate with the British allies of France, the pursuit of war. He met British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. De Gaulle explains his project to keep France in the fight. He wants to speak on the radio as soon as the government of Bordeaux  has capitulated . Churchill agrees in principle and provides the BBC.

De Gaulle reads his speech on the airwaves of the BBC Broadcasting House in 18 hours, Tuesday, June 18, 1940. For de Gaulle, the Battle of France, which has been won by the Germans, does not mean the end of the war. this war is a world war and France could rely on the industrial strength of its allies and the United States. Speaking to French soldiers, this message of hope ends with a call to the "resistance", whose flame "must not be extinguished and will not be quenched"

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